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Helping shape its own backyard

July 30th, 2006
Megan Brody

Columbus, Ohio officials have created a vision and plan; Nationwide Realty Investors has had a hand in making that plan tangible. The Columbus-based company, holding true to its name, has projects from coast to… Read More

Downtown Columbus’s Revival

January 30th, 2006
Patricia L. Kirk

Columbus has been generated by Nationwide Realty Investments, which replaced a 150-year-old state prison and surface parking lots with a 75-acre mixed-use complex known as the Arena District, anchored by a 20,000-seat multipurpose arena… Read More

Root, Root, Root For Your Home Team

November 1st, 2005
Marc Hequet

But if they don’t win, developers better make sure their projects can stand on their own.

If you build it, they will come. Or so a disembodied voice told Kevin Costner’s character, Ray Kinsella, in… Read More

Nationwide Arena

Skating To Success

May 1st, 2001
Randall Shearin

Nationwide Realty Investors’ Arena District provides 24/7 buzz for downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Bringing major league hockey to Columbus, Ohio, has kept the new Nationwide Arena downtown hopping about 50 times this past year with pre-season… Read More